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Eminence Organics Skincare

Since 1958, Eminence has been using sustainable farming and green practices to create natural, organic and Biodynamic® products. Our products are free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. We continues to use hand-picked fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties.



MULLEIN & SPARROW is redefining luxury skincare with formulas that integrate the knowledge of Ayurveda and Wester Herbalism. Ingredients are carefully sourced by an esthetician and certified herbalist without compromising our values of top-quality, cruelty-free sustainability. We create powerful products to support glowing, healthy skin as well as the woman underneath. We take pride in doing things our way and encourage you to define your own beauty. 



CLOVE + HALLOW is revolutionizing clean beauty with products that are both swoon worthy and good for you. By creating affordably-priced clean, cruelty-free, and vegan cosmetics that perform like conventional classics, CLOVE + HALLOW enables every woman to attain beauty without sacrifice.


RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup creating a product that’s not only non-toxic, but that actually heals and nourishes skin.  RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate the skin.  RMS Beauty is full of healing nutrients – nutrients that work synergistically with the skin, and are in harmony with nature and our environment. 


Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale’s nourishing supplements, natural skincare formulas and multitasking mineral makeup are high-performance, clean and cruelty-free—providing effective, targeted solutions for a healthy, radiant complexion.


Ere Perez

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics is an Australian owned company. We pride ourselves in supplying healthy natural make up that suits every skin type. We carefully select our ingredients such as oils, plant extracts and minerals and blend them with antioxidants to create a gentle, highly effective, quick and easy natural make-up solution.


Rituel de Fille

Rituel de Fille is a new vision for beauty inspired by the magical side of natural ingredients, where pigment is elemental, ceremonial and powerful. Rituel de Fille’s lipsticks, lip sheers, eye soots and cream blushes are all carefully handcrafted for uniquely bold, lasting color. Every Rituel de Fille color is obsessively formulated in-house by the Ramos sisters to meet our exacting standards. We approach our formulation like potion-making: we carefully select each pigment, oil and wax for a clear purpose, and develop each color from the ground up to contain the fewest possible ingredients. We use nothing extraneous, and avoid fillers. This attention to detail creates intense color while maintaining velvety textures.


Hynt Beauty

Hynt Beauty is a line of luxurious color and skincare cosmetics that is free of all ingredients known to be, or that are questioned to be, harmful and irritable for the skin and body. Formulated for the conscious woman who is seeking a beauty brand that she can fully trust and rely on for honest information and guidance on her beauty and lifestyle choices.


100% Pure

100% PURE® goes beyond just our name and our ingredients. It is a commitment to produce the purest products, and to promote clean, healthier living. We feel extremely fortunate that our commitment to a better world can be translated into potent, result-driven products that will help you and those you care about live better lives: you’ll never have to choose between safe ingredients and healthy skin or gorgeous results.



The PRIIA® minerale-derm product line is the FIRST mineral makeup of its kind. Made specifically for acne-prone skin, it is acne-safe, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. Our proprietary and exclusive formulas are non-irritating and are supremely soothing to problematic skin types. It’s no wonder that PRIIA® is endorsed and recommended by the best licensed skin care professionals and acne specialists from across the United States and abroad.



INIKA is 100% Australian owned. We started in Sydney in 2006, and we’re proud to say that in that time we’ve become a globally recognized and trusted go-to brand for organic and natural makeup. We were born out of a need to detox. Conscious consumers were already removing harmful chemicals from their homes and diet, replacing them with wholesome, pure and natural alternatives. When it came to makeup, there wasn’t a healthy option. At INIKA, we’re passionate about quality. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, natural and derived from botanicals or minerals.



Inspired by the principle of respect to nature from the Zen and Tao philosophies, zao was created with a vision of sustainability, a minimal carbon footprint and formulations of 100% natural ingredients from organic farming. The products are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, with powerful performance that is soothing, safe and gentle to the skin.


Borboleta Lash Extensions

At Borboleta, we embrace diversity by celebrating great artists and artistry. We provide the world’s premier lash products and education to help lash artists reach a level of professionalism and skill that is unmatched in the industry. It’s our goal to help build a new generation of artists that push the status-quo, raise expectations, and always deliver the quality that Borboleta stands for. This motivates us to always be better; developing products that exceed expectations and education programs with cutting-edge curriculums. It’s why we love what we do.


Eco Tan

Sonya Driver founded Eco Tan, still wanting to get a tan without the risk of harmful UV rays, while also using ingredients that are not harmful to our bodies. After all, our skin is our largest organ, and much of what we put on it is absorbed into our bloodstream. Sonya began by buying in samples of cacao, flower essence, chamomile and all all things natural and organic and started mixing batches out of her tiny kitchen in her Currumbin house. In 2011, Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain under the Australian government.



At COOLA, we want to help you look and feel absolutely radiant. We use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible to bring you the purest, most eco-conscious products—because nothing’s more beautiful than healthy skin. Our eco-conscious formulas are sourced with a Farm to Face® philosophy, ensuring that we always use the freshest, most potent natural and organic ingredients. We incorporate antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® into our sunscreens, which is a selection of plant-based ingredients including Algae and Red Raspberry Seed Oil that help naturally boost our formulas’ efficacy. This allows us to use fewer traditional—and potentially irritating—sunscreen actives. We also weed out all the stuff you don’t want on your skin or in the environment, like parabens, GMOs, and oxybenzone.


By Rosie Jane

By Rosie Jane products are hand mixed using essential oils, absolutes, and nature identicals. We strive to use clean, safe and eco friendly ingredients while still creating beautiful, easy to wear fragrances. Our fragrances are cruelty free and free of parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol, endocrine disruptors, and polycylic & alicyclic musks. Hand crafted in California with natural ingredients and packaged in eco friendly materials. By Rosie Jane packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.


Ellis Brooklyn

Ellis Brooklyn was created by Bee Shapiro, a chic Williamsburg mom who happens to be the beauty columnist for The New York Times. The fragrance and bodycare line features sophisticated, multilayered scents whose trademarks are freshness and modernity. Phthalates-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and utterly luxurious. It has been our priority from the start, that when it comes to the environment, we should put our money where our mouth is. We use responsible sourcing and partner with sustainable businesses. When purchasing an Ellis Brooklyn creation, know that we use recycled, lead-free glass and FSC-certified, Green Seal certified paper stock.


Honest Hazel

Honest Hazel’s soothing Eye Gel formula reduces puffiness, brightens dark circles and firms the delicate skin under your eyes. Made to multi-task with nature’s powerful ingredients to mend all of your under-eye woes. 


The Soothie Q

SoothieQ is a re-freezable Ice Therapy Tool uniquely designed to give quick soothing relief to inflamed pimples, puffy eyes and a multiple of other skin inflammations. It’s the perfect size for Icing small areas without having to deal with cold fingers or messy melting ice! 


Sundays Studio

No one should have to sacrifice for beauty. At sundays, we’re all about nail care that’s actually focused on your health and wellbeing. We’ve taken out all the bad stuff (chemicals, toxins, animal products) and left in all of the good stuff (high-shine finish, and long-lasting brilliant color).